This facility was founded and opened in 2008 by Indy Kawana, to meet the physical and emotional needs of mentally and physically challenged children in the Du Noon, Tableview and Joe Slovo areas.

Through the unwavering love, support and attention of our staff of 8, much has been achieved. Elundini provides a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment to these oft forgotten souls, in the hope of securing them a promising future. All too often stigmatised by society and cowered into silence, these disabled children now radiate confidence and happiness.

Currently, we cater for approximately 35 disabled children and teens between the ages of 18 months to 18 years old, ranging from those with mild physical and mental disorders to children who are severely incapacitated.

Over time, the need arose to offer an educational facility to their siblings. Having incorporated another 30 able-bodied children, today we educate over 65 children who are given three nutritious meals each day, the ingredients of which are all donated.

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our donors, many are safely transported daily to and from the Educare centre in our Elundini bus. Without government funding, we depend on the generosity of the public and are therefore always grateful for any donations.

Our existence serves to address the fact that many of the children in this underprivileged community have single or unemployed parents and hitherto, were subject to being left unattended or vulnerable to abuse. Today, we remain the only facility of this kind in the surrounding informal settlements.

Elundini Home of the Disabled and Educare Centre - Western Cape, Cape Town, Milnerton -Non-Profit Organisation Registration Number: 068-786